About MC Website and Hosting Services

MC Website and Hosting Services

MC Website and Hosting Services:

The MC stands for Michael Canton, an Artist/Designer who has been bringing Web and Graphic Services to clients for about 12 years. He begin as a free-lancer in Costa Rica in 2002, several of his customers are still with him today.

“I decided to start MC Web and Hosting Services as the  next step in my development as a Designer and Service Provider.”

Our goal in MC Web and Hosting Services is to provide an Personal, Affordable and Functional Service, in order to help small and medium-companies, projects and organizations to be in online with a website that really represent them, their vision and passion.


Our “All-Inclusive” packages are designed to help our customers to have everything up an running quickly and affordability. We design the website, provide hosting and assign a domain at a low cost for the customer. Instead of have to deal with Designers, Hosting and Domain Providers separately, We provide a one-stop  shopping experience. If you have any questions, would like to share ideas for your website, or if you like to hear more, please email us at: services@mcwebandhosting.com or call at: 224-213-0785