MC Web and Hosting F.A.Q.


  • Is a Website good for my Company/Organization/Project?

A website is a basic need of any successful business, how great will be that anyone can get your business card, when they are looking for services your provide? Well you can’t be near to everyone all the time, your site can be just a click away…

  • What’s is the basics needs of have a website?

The basic need are: 1 Domain (the name.com, .net, etc) 2 Hosting, the hard drive where the website and emails will be hosted, ready for access to anyone who look for it. 3 Design is the Presentation of your website and the code behind the scenes that hold everything together. Normally people have to get these 3 things separate from different providers, that means: more time, more money and more complications, Our Basic Package include all this in one place, with personalize service and at the best price!

  • I have a Facebook Page, Still need a Website?

Facebook is a great tool for interact with friends and customers who already know you, but pretty much useless for make people find you without knowing about you. Browsers like Google are not interested in Facebook as much than Websites in results (Example: browse for any service of product you want in Google, and then see how many Facebook pages appear in the results)

  • If I have a Website, Still need a Facebook Page?

Recent studies recommend use social media like extra tools for get to your target market, they suggest have at least 4 outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ per example) All connected, update and directed to your Website. 

  • Is OK to use Photos or Text from Similar Websites?

We cannot use Photos or Pictures without permission, if you don’t have photos that you own, we have stock providers, some of them free to use, others with a low fee. Browsers like Google punish websites that have copy text/contents from other websites, banning them from results. Example: if you sale Watches and your “About Us” page  said exactly the same that the most popular competitor, Google will decided show the oldest website, (your competitor) over the more new because is obvious! the new website in the one who copy. Keep in mind that nobody can talk better about your Company/Organization/Project than you! Any time you dedicate to more rich/extend content will pay back later!

  • How long before I appear in results?

People who have your domain by mouth, share link, business card or flyer will be able to see your website from day 1 of the launch, appear in the 1 page results in search of words related to your website, will take a little longer, usually Google take 1 to 3 weeks in indexed your website, we have the experience and tools that combined with your contents can bring your website to the results you are expecting. Some saturated markets require pay Ads in Facebook, Google, etc in order to reach more public, we can work and guide you on that too.

  • The Domain I want is taken, what can I do?

Everyday people buy thousands of domains, sometimes for use it, other times for sale it at a higher price later. Domains that are the closer to your Company name are the best for branding ( CocaCola.com) Domains that are closer to the services/products your offer are the best for catch people looking for that services (search: best Maid services, show BestMaid.com) If the name you want is taken, we can guide to decide the best option for you!

  • How can I know if the Website is helping me?

We can provide statistics of visits, how many people, from where they find your website, what they look for etc. Also when a person contacts you and you don’t remember share information, you can ask how they found about you. For Websites that sale online, Keep in mind that sometimes customers check the website, but prefer call to order or go to your ebay page if you have one, than just order from your website.

  • How can I keep the Website update?

Any of our clients can make changes in the content of their websites, as easy like post in any blog. When the client don’t know how make the change, we are there for help or do it.

In MC Web and  Hosting, we are always alert to keep websites and plugins update, even then, any change on seasonal promotions, prices, product catalog or banners, is required do it by the owners or also you can request an estimate for us take the time to do it.  Also when a Website require constantly change of contents (like movie theater for sample) the owners have to do it or request an estimate from us. We also can provide seasonal banners or promotional banners at the best prices!